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Welcome to the Avalon purchase portal. From time to time there may be services that do not have a designated payment link or button. When this occurs, we will make certain to meet the moment and assure our affiliates are well tended to. However, all products or services will be clearly outlined through invoice once services have been met. In the off chance our web host is not functioning properly we may opt to use external payment portals.  

Products & Services

Personal Branding

A close-up of words.

$275.00 USD

Business Branding

A gear with the words building brand on it.

$975.00 USD

Acquisition Partnership

A blueprint of a machine.

$2,500.00 USD

Capital Creation Blueprint w Hands On Inst

Group of architects looking at blueprints premium photo.

$25,000.00 USD

Initial Assessment

A word cloud with the word assessment.


An error occurred.

In-Kind Services

A word cloud with the word community.


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