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Private Equity Group

Real Estate Investor Concierge Services

The Avalon Private Equity Group functions as a cross between a Real Estate Investor Concierge Service on residential property matters, and a Private Equity firm on capital matters. We have over thirty-five years of direct experience, and we are very adept in the art of [Creative Finance] and Partnership formation.

We believe we’ll be most profitable using our more than exceptional arbitrage and “rapid fire” value creating techniques versus trying to profit from typical “BRRRR” (Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance, & Repeat) investment methods. Ensuring our deliverables meet the financial requirements of the Partnerships we create is our firmest commitment. 

From our exceptional Quick Start programs  all the way up through our  Luxury Unit Portal, our primary mission is to organically create value through residential property.                TO BE CLEAR – We did not develop this platform for our Partners to make a good living.      We developed these methods to create significant sums of money in a relatively short time span, versus months of hoping a property flip or BRRRR plan will work out.   

Capital Creation Partnerships

Quick Start Programs

Avalon has several exceptional programs that fit the needs of a diverse range of Partnership requirements. Our Quick Start Program was designed for those who desire a shortened time on task span with less involved Partnership participation. This program is short, sweat, and to the point, but packs a lot of power. We specialize in [solving problems] for our partners, clients, and affiliates.